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I wanted to do something of value in this really tricky time. I have no spare cash in my back pocket to give to charity so it had to be something time based.... I knew Rupert (of Womersley Foods) had a list of retail outlets who were still managing to provide a service so started by having a look. Whereupon Rupert phoned and asked Mike if he would consider making a website. True Telepathy! Mike was dragged into the project. The plan has been to create useful information, available to everyone - even my Mum who is not connected. Information to cover crises as well as everyday needs. I thank everyone who has helped and contributed. It would not have happened with out a whole heap of wonderful people. This is not advertising - it is community sharing and caring. I (Jenny) am writing this because it's me who is filling out the fields but actually it is thanks to;

Rupert, Mike, Laura, Paul, and Georgia, Gordon, Laetisia, Lexy, Rizvana and Sandra of Chippy Town Council.